June 18, 2024

February 18 to 24 - 2024

Media Release

Date: February 1, 2024 

Submitted by Kevin Larson-Director @ Large, Kincardine Pride Inc. 

Kincardine Pride is pleased to support and join in the celebration of thismonth’s “Freedom to Read Week.” We also celebrate the diversity of books for citizens of all ages. This includes a book recently released titled “Pirate Glitterbeard” by local author and teacher Larissa Crawley and her mom, Oksanna.  

As Larissa has stated in the Kincardine Independent newspaper December 6, 2023. “I thought I want[ed] to write a story about being who you truly are. Not justinclusion for the sake of inclusion but rather to celebrate our differencesand what that really means, what that looks like. And the kids get it, assoon as they read it, (Pirate Glitterbeard).”  Consider reading this book.

Bruce County Public Library provides the information, knowledge andentertainment resources you may need to achieve your goals, foster yourinterests and realize your dreams. We, Kincardine Pride, would also like togive thanks to library staff for seeking out and providing resources for the diverse Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ public & library users. 

Note:  Kincardine Pride Incorporated is a Not-For-Profit organization registered under the laws of the governments of Ontario and Canada.Kincardine Pride holds that the equal rights of everyone, celebrating each person’s gender identity and gender expression to be non-negotiable rights in the Municipality of Kincardine. KP can be reached at:kincardinepride@gmail.com. Website: KincardinePride.ca